Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Perryville Poetry

Big Foot!
Kaleigh Desirae Kosbruk

Big Foot does not talk,
But he knows how to walk.
Black and Brown in color,
He can be hilarious but creepy. 
He smells like the sewer,
is scary and also very hairy.
Asleep in the woods,
He has many different moods.

He might sit at a table.
While watching cable.
Sometimes Big Foot wears a tutu
Like a huge furry Foo-Foo.

Katlynn Kosbruk

Hey, Hairy man!
Do you come out during the day?
Do you eat hay?
Does your real name start with a K,
Or do you say neighh?
When you shop, do you pay?
Do you like the night or day?
Are you a Brat,
Or like a cat?
Do you act like a rat,
That can bite like a cat,
That wears a hat,
That a person wears when he lays on a mat?
Do you live at the bay,
or where do you lay? when your out, 
do you get caught?
 do you get stuck in a knot?
When you sleep, do you get hot?
Do you sleep in a barn?
Did you find a ball of yarn?
Do you ever say Darn?!
Are you tall?
Do you play with a ball?
Do you play with a ball?
Do you play with a favorite doll?
Do you shop at the mall?
Is your dads name Paul?
Does your house have a wall?
Are you black?
Do you have a hairy back?
 Do you hack?
Is your brother's name Jack?
Is your little sister's name mack?
Do you ever pack?
Do you live in a shack?
Do you have a shack?
Does your family say QUACK?!?
Hairy Man, people want to know!

bye Anthony Washington

Bigfoot can't talk,
But he can walk.
When he tastes something sweet,
He can eat and eat and eat.
Hairy like a bear,
He can rip and tear
The flesh off a fish.
Humans are his favorite dish!



Volleyball 2013

Volleyball is my favorite sport. This year we had a different coach, which means a different practice routine. Mary was more about the conditioning. We had to do several drills. For our mistakes we had consequences, which involved doing various exercises. I’m not complaining or anything, but it made us push ourselves of not wanting to do these workouts. It got easier as we continued to do the exercises.
For some practices we would have scrimmages against village people, and when we did, people got to watch us, and that made me a little bit nervous.
We went to Kokhanok on the 19th.  About an hour after we got there we had to play a game against the Levelock Vikings. So we went to go get our jerseys on and stretch out in the library. We got new jerseys this year; we are called the Flaming Stars going back in time. I like the jerseys they are nice. The colors we got are gold, white, and black.  We were thinking of a different color and we almost got the color green. The Flaming Stars come from a song written by Elvis Presley.
 We won all of the games against the Vikings, maybe it was the new jerseys. This put us in the next round against the Perryville Eagles. They were an all-boy team versus us, an all-girl team. It was good match-up. They won the first, but we rallied and won the second. The third game was tough and Perryville beat us. This put us in the game for third place.
       We were playing against the hometown team and a lot of people were cheering for them and there was a big crowd of people and I didn’t really remember anything about it. Except that we won.
       I was happy that we came home in third place for three-man team. It was a great time in Kokhanok. Can’t wait till next years volleyball season.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Update from the Tank

I'll bet everyone is wondering, whatever happened to those fish eggs we fertilized? Well, we're happy to report that we have nine healthy salmon fry swimming around in our fish tank. Well, mostly healthy. One-Eyed Jack has a messed up eye, and Squiggles doesn't swim so straight. 

So we wanted to catch you up on the stages of the salmon cycle so you'd know where our fish are.
Hatching in the spring the alevins emerge. Our fish hatched long-before spring because we sped up the process by heating the tank.  Our tank was set to 12 degrees Celsius.  This cut the time until hatching drastically. When our fish hatched, we had about 10 alevins.

They had a yolk sac attached to their bellies which they fed off of for the next few months. In the wild, they'll stay close to the redd for that time. The redd is the gravel nest where the eggs were deposited by the spawning females. Our fish have consumed their yolk sacs now and are considered fry. In the tank they just swim in circles. But in the wild, the fry from the chum would now leave the redd and head for the sea. Sockeye Salmon would be heading for the lake where they would spend one to two years before heading to the sea.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Turkey Shoot

On November 26 Igiugig student Government posted their annual Turkey Shoot. This year we started out differently. First we had 4 things hanging up, there was turkey, ham, spam, and sweet potatoes. We had people line up 40 yards away from the prizes. The Turkey Shoot was held at the Igiugig Baseball Field. The Prizes were held from string and people had to shoot it down using only 22s with iron sights, no scopes.
For the first people that shot the stuff were Shea Shea and Jem. Kielan Wassilie was the youngest that was shooting. Georgie Wilson was the oldest of them all that was shooting for the prizes.
The people that won were Terek Anelon, Karl Hill, and Jeff Bringhurst. Terek Anelon shot the turkey down, Karl Hill shot the ham and spam down, and Jeff Bringhurst shot the Sweet Potatoes down.
Stay tuned we might be holding a Easter Shoot.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

From the Poets of Perryville

Thank You to those high-flying Eagles for sending us some very enjoyable poems. We loved them here, and wanted to share them with you (a few at a time).

The Hairy Man Awakens
by Roy Shangin

On one fall night along the road,
I saw a creature with a plan,
A guy named the Hairy Man.
As the moon lit up the sky,
Without a care in the world,
This dark shadow followed me by,
With bear-like feet,
Moved quick like the wind,
A horse's mane with devil eyes,
Heavy and brown.
I am running for my life,
Hairy man not far behind,
screeching like a girl
Who just got new shoes.
Bolting through the path on the grass,
I try to find my new phone,
A wild goose chase near the shore.
My feet soaked, salty from seawater
drowning my sneakers.
The screaming hairy man,
wearing neon pink shoes,
Like my teacher with her bright colored hoodie.

Then Ka-boom!
the alarm woke me,
sounding like my mother shouting get up.
I feel wet and sweaty in the bed,
"What a dream!"
I said to Ted.

by Nathan Yagie

Every time he sees a chair,
He thinks of cutting his hair.
When he catches a fish,
He can't find a dish.
When he wants to flex,
He thinks of a T-Rex.
When he sees a shark,
He wants to bark.
When he is on a table,
He is able to play fable.
If he sees a flower,
He thinks he has the power.
When he sees a bass,
He wants to trap it in a glass.

What a silly Bigfoot that I ever did see,
I swear he couldn't harm a flea.

Hairy Man
by Isaac Washington

When Hairy Man hears someone say green,
he thinks about a bean.
When he sees a shark,
he goes into the dark.
And if he walks in the barn,
he finds a line of yarn.
And if he tastes something sour,
he feels the power!