Friday, December 9, 2011

Blankets, Movies, & Eggs

Hi.  This is Benise and Dolly.
 We have been making blankets and also we have been making a movie, and a lot of eggs have hatched.

The blankets are made out of fleece.  The whole class is making them for the Christmas Bazaar.  They are colorful and warm.  We make them by tying knots and we have to do a lot of cutting.  Well, we first lay down the fabrics and line them up until they are both even. Then we cut the four corners out and then start cutting fringes out on all the sides about 1 inch.  Then start knotting. 
Laying out the fabrics
Knotting my favorite blanket

All of the blankets that are done

Benise & Kaylee knotting blankets

Andrew helping Dolly cut

 Our movie that we are making is only going to be about 15 minutes. We have made and came up with the whole movie. We didn't use any script, we made it all up and made the movie from all our ideas. We filmed outside and inside and we came up with the costumes and made the props. The movie is a secret so you have to come to our Bazaar to see what it is about!

Betsey making lights

Kiara the artist
Keilan trying on high heals

Kiara, Bense, & Kaylee helping out on props
Well, the eggs are silver salmons, also known as coho. A lot of eggs have hatched and many have died. We are out getting clean water for them almost every other day.  Right now they are called alevin, they have a yoke sack and they have not yet grown fins.  

The eggs when they first got here

The class watching them hatch

Keilan eying the eggs

Aiden showing the eggs

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Keilan and Fish Eggs

This is Keilan! I'm five years old and I'm a rockstar in Kindergarten.
Me eating a corndog at Halloween.
 Our salmon eggs got here today and now they're in the tank. Josh flies a big white airplane for Dena'ina Air Taxi. He brought our eggs to us in a box. The eggs were wrapped in a cheese cloth and then another piece of cloth. I think it was burlap. We took 'em out of the box and had to hold 'em in the water so they could acclimate to the water in the tank. That means they had to get used to the water. We did that for ten minutes. After that we put them in a basket and put the basket in the water. We let them stay in there and we watch 'em. They're gonna hatch, but we don't know when.

Salmon eggs in a box.

Andrew opening the box.

Jolynn holding the bag to acclimate the eggs.

The fish eggs!

Fish eggs in the tank.

  Clockwise from front left: Blaise, Jolynn, Kaleb, me, Dolly, Benise, Aiden, Kiara, Kaylee and Caleb

We're doing math right now. We do math papers. I'm practicing counting. I'm good at counting but I always skip fifteen.


Friday, November 18, 2011

I am Aiden. I am six years old and I'm in first grade.
 In May, we're going to Boston and Orlando to go get butter beer. Butter beer is a soda that they drink in Harry Potter. We get to go on the roller coasters and the ferris wheel at Orlando. Harry, Hagrid, Hermione, Ron and Sirius have fake wands. We will get to go in the castle. At Boston we get to have clam chowder.

It is winter in Igiugig and we get to go sledding and towing. And we get to play snowball fighting, but not at school. We saw a coyote yesterday and a spruce hen. Tonight my dad wants to cook the same thing last night that we had for dinner. Tonight there is movie night at 6:30, it is going to be the lynx movie.
I have to go finish my picture.

This is the tank where our silver salmon will live. We get the eggs in three days!

This is me and Kiara getting water for the tank.

This is Kaleb and Benise getting water.

This is Kaleb, Kiara, me and Kaylee in the corner.

This is Andrew giving water to Kiara while Benise waits.

Here's Kaleb waiting to pour some water into the totes.

Here's Blaise and Andrew hauling the water up from the lake.

Andrew's getting water for Dolly.

Here's Kaleb, Blaise and Andrew loading water into the school truck.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hi! I am Benise. I'm in second grade. I'm eight. We had a Halloween Carnival last Friday. We took pictures. We had lots of fun!  Jolynn was the devil. I was a witch. Blaise was a freaky clown. The Halloween haunted house was freaky. Jolynn went in. Cole wasn't scared. (He's my cousin; he's Amara's baby and Amara is Jolynn, Blaise, Caleb and Dan's older sister.) Kiara was a dark angel. We made crafts and taped 'em up in the gym. We had some games, like Stake the Vamp (it's like pin the tail on the donkey). My favorite was the cake walk. Jolynn won cake but she didn't like them. I liked them. And my Uppa ("grandfather" in Yup'ik) liked them, too. Aiden was a ninja and Keilan was a werewolf. Caleb and Kaleb left Keilan in the haunted house but Keilan wasn't scared. We also went trick-or-treating on the 31st. We (Amara, Cole, Blaise, Jolynn, and me) were the first ones to get to everybody's houses. But we only got a little candy. I ate it all.

Thank you witches!
This is Benise, the witch.

The Dark Angel (Kiara) meets the Devil (Jolynn)

Ninja Aiden, Dementor Kaleb, and Werewolf Keilan at the apple bobbing booth

Werewolf's sister, Snow White (Danika)

Hermione (Kaylee) and Benise the Witch try to Stake the Vamp

Karl the Death Eater and Baby Duck Erika

the Skeleton Cole

Avery the Frog Princess

Shealayla, the Tinkerbell

Keilan the Werewolf eating a corndog with extra ketchup


the mad Devil Jolynn

Andrew in his Ghillie Suit

Friday, October 14, 2011

Kiara's Blog

Hi, my name is Kiara. I'm seven years old. Halloween is almost coming! I'm going to be a ninja for Halloween. I don't have my costume but we're going to get it in Anchorage on the 18th. I'm gonna have so much fun in Anchorage! I'm gonna go visit my dad. We're gonna go to H2Oasis. It's a water park that's mostly with water then land. I'm gonna go on the master blaster. It's like this really crazy ride but you need floaties and if you're ten years old you can go without one. We're gonna go shop for my costume at Wal-mart. Shealayla is going to be a monkey and my mom is going to be a crazy witch.

My mom and Alicia saw a fox yesterday. Alicia is my babysitter. She lives with us. She's from Kokhanok and she's always funny at me. She always teases me and makes me really mad but in a funny way. I was crying because I was laughing so hard; I was about to go to bed and then she came on the bed and pushed me off and I started laughing really hard.

At school we're going to make chalk today with toilet paper rolls. It's gonna be so much fun. My favorite parts of school are PE and math. I like doing worksheets in math and exercising with Betsy at PE.

Thanks for reading.

These are the gastroliths from a spruce hen and the intestines.

This is me holding the spruce hen's heart.

This is me and all my friends at school.

These are berries inside the spruce hen's crop.

Andrew telling us where to get things in order during the dissection.

This is Junior trying to catch a pollywog. This is an old picture.

Andrew, Katy and Jolynn trying to catch pollywogs with some sticks.

Pollywogs we're going to bring to the school on a sunny day. This is also an old picture.