Friday, December 9, 2011

Blankets, Movies, & Eggs

Hi.  This is Benise and Dolly.
 We have been making blankets and also we have been making a movie, and a lot of eggs have hatched.

The blankets are made out of fleece.  The whole class is making them for the Christmas Bazaar.  They are colorful and warm.  We make them by tying knots and we have to do a lot of cutting.  Well, we first lay down the fabrics and line them up until they are both even. Then we cut the four corners out and then start cutting fringes out on all the sides about 1 inch.  Then start knotting. 
Laying out the fabrics
Knotting my favorite blanket

All of the blankets that are done

Benise & Kaylee knotting blankets

Andrew helping Dolly cut

 Our movie that we are making is only going to be about 15 minutes. We have made and came up with the whole movie. We didn't use any script, we made it all up and made the movie from all our ideas. We filmed outside and inside and we came up with the costumes and made the props. The movie is a secret so you have to come to our Bazaar to see what it is about!

Betsey making lights

Kiara the artist
Keilan trying on high heals

Kiara, Bense, & Kaylee helping out on props
Well, the eggs are silver salmons, also known as coho. A lot of eggs have hatched and many have died. We are out getting clean water for them almost every other day.  Right now they are called alevin, they have a yoke sack and they have not yet grown fins.  

The eggs when they first got here

The class watching them hatch

Keilan eying the eggs

Aiden showing the eggs