Friday, January 27, 2012

This past week & Battle Books madness!

The student government is hosting a movie night tonight at 6:00 there will be snacks, drinks and much more...

We also had a LSAC meeting at the school with Andrew and some parents of Igiugig, at the meeting we give a report about what we are doing in student government and Andrew gives one about school.

Dolly Ann also won her Battle of the Books Competition, she got 39 points.

The other kids are in battle of the books and battle on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Here are som pictures of them practicing:

 3rd and 4th grade team Kaleb, Jolynn and Katelyn.
 Look at all of those practice questions!
 Caleb writng answers
 Coach Hill quizzing 1st and 2nd graders
 Keilan reading
Kaylee reading

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fishing for Water and Writing Poems

By: Charmaine A.S. and Josephine D.

This week we got fresh water for the fish from the lake, twice. 

 Keilan W bringing water to the tote.
 Walking back to the truck.
 Charmaine A.S bringing water to the tote.
 Katelyn G on the 4-Wheeler, and Benise T walking back to get in line for water.

 Standing in line.
Caleb D bringing water to the tote.

We also wrote Cinquains. First, we started off with writing about animals. It didn't take us long to figure out which animals we wanted to write about. I think we wrote them in less than 15 minutes. (The poems aren't very long, they're only 5 lines.) Then we wrote on about ourselves.

Here's an example of one that Kiara N wrote:

Smart, funny
Running, jumping, exercising
Jumping in the water

There are also four new students at Igiugig School this semester! Bobby G he's in kindergarten, Katelyn G Bobby's sister, she's in the 3rd grade, Josephine D In the 9th grade, and Charmaine A.S in the 10th grade.