Thursday, January 24, 2013

Elementary bake Sale

      In the beginning of January 28th the Elementary students will hold a once-a-week bake sale.  The students will start out with baking bread rolls, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls and they hope to offer more things in the future like pies, cakes and all the other goodies. 
         The Elementary students plan to use the money they earn to buy something for the class.  They made a list of ideas that they would like to get: class pet, smart board, cruise ship, Legos, flat screen TV, cat, dog, DDR, more computers for each student, and games.
         There will be order forms and Thursday is the bake day.  They will deliver or costumers will be able to come and pick up their orders.  The main reason for them having a bake sale is so that they can practice math and reading skills while doing something they enjoy.  

Students rolling out dough
         Keilan, one of the Elementary Students,  said he is excited for baking and that they are baking bread, rolls, cinnamon rolls, and he said his favorite thing about baking is eating the stuff they baked when its done.