Wednesday, March 4, 2015

NZ Trip

New Zealand Trip                                                                
 by Tia Lynn 
            We the Igiugig students are attempting to go to New Zealand for a village trip on or near the 26th of December of this year. We are planning to be coming back on January 8th. The first week we are there we will be doing a cultural exchange with host schools, then the second week will be a free week.  We’ve been working really hard to go to New Zealand all year long. The students and the adults have been doing fundraising. We asked some people from other villages and airplane pilots for donations.  Everyone is getting really excited for the trip at the end of the year. Our goal is to earn $50,000 and we currently have  $36,000. Renee Grounds has been working really hard to get us there.  She has been calling and asking people for donations. She has been looking for places for us to stay when we get there. She has been writing grants.  We’ll also have a store open during the summer. We are trying our best to get to New Zealand this year.  If you would like to donate to the Igiugig Student Fund visit the following link.

By: Dolly Ann
 This year basketball season was fun. Tony was our coach and the people in basketball were Fewnia, Kaleb, Tia, Tatyana, and I. We had good practices during the week and on weekends. Basketball season started in January, and the trip was to Levelock during February, Monday 16th to Thursday the 19th.  
Tony had us practice our lay ups, handling the ball, screens, different plays, our free throws, three point shots, running, jumping, rebounding for the ball, boxing out, and other important basketball skills. The community also helped us out a lot by showing up to gym night and scrimmaging with us and purchasing from our school store, which we No-See-Ums are really grateful to have their contribution and support.  
During the meet in Levelock we had many fun events during those four days. There were basketball games, community service that involved walking around the village picking up trash.  There was also a diabetes walk, icebreakers (which is what we call the games everyone does together), relay races, basketball contests where we did free throw shots, three pointer shots, and dribbling the ball threw your legs while walking.
Egegik Bears won the districts; they played a really good game against Perryville. The all tourney awards were given to: Tia Lynn, Kaleb, Peter, Jerome, Erik, Ethan, Abby, Jacey, Seantay and Angel. Good Sportsmanship awards were given to the Kokhanok Warlords, and included Warren, Lyza, Shaylin, and Michael.
Everyone at the meet did really great, all the basketball players played really hard, the people hosting the event and the volunteers to help them out did a really good job. They kept us fed, hydrated, provided us a place to sleep and school clean for everybody. 
Mr. Davis, Tony, Taty, Me, Tia, Fewnia, Kaleb
Fewnia Babe shooting a free throw.

All Tourney
Kaleb shooting free throw.
Levelock's new barge and everyone from basketball.
Winners of 2015 Basketball Districts 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ode to Big Mountain - for jboog

I was thinking about you
What lies in the folds therein?
Your place is longtime back 
with elements equipped
to rattle the cages of men

O big Mountain, dare I say... rattle me?

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Rattlesnake
A True Story by Walt Gooden

One day in Kansas, I was doing my math lesson. I had just finished the last math problem. I went outside. Strangely it looked like dad was looking down a pole. It only took a second for me to realize it was a gun. Our dog Flip was growling menacingly, so I thought Dad was shooting at something. Mom noticed me and said, “Stay on the porch,” so I did. Then I saw dad pick up his hoe. That’s when I knew why. It was a rattlesnake, a big Timber rattler about three and a half feet long. It was as fat as my wrist. Dad brought the hoe down on its head. Then he called to me and Ella and said, “Time for your science lesson.”  We got to see the insides of a rattlesnake and we ate it the next day. We grilled it. It kind of tasted like smoked salmon.  If I ever get the chance, I will eat it again.      

Team Awesomeness
by Obadiah Oakley

Keil, Walt, Ella and Aiden are the 3rd and 4th Battle of the Books team. Keilan is the thinker. Aiden is the alternate. Ella is the writer. Walt is the speaker. They read 15 books then they go on Skype and answer questions such as, “In which book does a character hate to throw away a moldy fish stick?” One team answers, then the other. Whoever answers the most questions correctly wins. On Wednesday, February 18, Team Awesomeness went to state and tied for 7th place in the whole state. Battling lasted from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Team member Keilan Wassillie said, “It was awesome! We got to do lots of fun stuff like reading funny books.”  “There was lots of tension,” says Walt Gooden, “Each time a question was asked, I started to sweat!” After the battles, team coach AlexAnna Salmon said she was relieved and proud. All the students will do it again next year.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fish and Wildlife Visit.

Bird Art using cutouts
            On January 20th, Fish and Wildlife agents, Sara and Katie, came to teach us about Art, birds, skulls, mammals and so on. They taught us how to determine the age of skulls. On the skulls they taught us about how to find if they were Carnivores or Herbivores. We found that out by looking at their teeth. They also taught us about art because we get to draw birds for a calendar and a literature piece, like a poem. We have to submit that in. When they were here we went on a couple walks to see and try finding animal tracks. They told us to guess what it was. It was fun having them here.

A seahawk and a loon

Crunch, crunch